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The W4 became the new W40. The y-split, housing entry, and 3.5mm L-plug are all very well-relieved. It’s rather bass-heavy and the bass is not quite as controlled as the W4 or the EarSonics, but it’s fun and impactful while also maintaining smooth sound that won’t shock you with harshness coming from the W4, as would be the case of a number of other enhanced-bass IEMs. I think ie8 I agree focuses more on bass so I can eliminate that. For example for flat sound there are definitely better options among universals than the V3. Generally speaking, it’s tough to compare headphones to IEMs but I find fine details to oftentimes be easier to discern on IEMs than comparably-priced headphones while bass extension and soundstaging are often more natural on headphones. The Westone ES5/ES50 is potentially the best signature match out of everything I’ve heard, but in terms of all-around performance I just don’t think it’s a stellar value these days. Beats Studio 3 Wireless. The fit, comfort, build quality, and isolation are all what we’ve come to expect from Westone products but it should come as no surprise that the sound of the W4 is an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, step up from the company’s previous flagships. I haven’t, but I think there’s a measurement of the 4R on innerfidelity. United States, Newsletter I really wanted something super smooth, detailed and comfy, As you know I love Dunu products so in a sense I think I’m going for the “opposite” with these. I listen to all genres of music. I finally broke down and ordered the W40. Generally I prefer the V3 to similarly-priced universal IEMs but it’s really a case-by-case matter and the desired sound signature matters. Easily one of the best universal all-rounders I’ve come across. It does not hiss with my netbook and its sonic flavor remains fairly consistent across a wide range of sources, much like that of the ATH-CK10 and my 1964-T customs. It is definitely a sweet-sounding earphone on the whole, though, so those who are after something crisp and edgy will want to stick to the W3 or go with another brand. Can any one will give the Link for BEATS Audio app Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems Thanking You In Advance You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Do you find the 1964 v3 comparable to the universal IEMs at the same price level? The nozzle is also a bit short for my liking but, luckily, the sound of the W4 seems far less dependent on seal quality than that of the W3 so a wider variety of comfort-oriented tips can be used. Not really an asset for what you’re after. The best compromise between the two things you’re looking for is likely the SE535. Instead, it is smooth and inoffensive, with good extension and solid presence across the range. You help a lot of amateurs out like me. The bass is also very slightly soft in nature, providing a good compromise between the tight and decay-shy bass provided by more analytical earphones such as the CK10 and DBA-02 and the smoother, thicker, and more full-bodied low ends of the UM3X, SM3, and SM2. And so forth…. All Rights Reserved. Our dedication to absolute quality, uncompromising service, and The Golden Rule have made us a world leader in our industry. You would definitely lose some bass, especially deep bass, but in the case of the W40 you wouldn’t be gaining clarity in exchange – it’s far from the clearest BA-based IEM so it doesn’t get you much in that regard over a decently high-end dynamic like the EPH-100. Bass quality is better as well. Thanks. © 2020 Westone Laboratories. The W4 and W3 have a good bit of difference between them but for the similarities they share (good bass punch, mids that are not overly recessed, not very “analytical” sound), I would consider the 1964EARS 1964-V3 in the sub-$500 range. Hi Joker, I got my EPH-100 after reading your review, and it was everything I expected so thank you so much for that. A little north from neutral. Thanks! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’m sorry to work your head muscles for this but i was wondering which one you think sounds the most musical (seat back and just enjoy the beautiful sound and layering of the music), and which one sounds most detailed (hear as much detail as possible like analyzing the sound under a microscope, not that sound can be analyzed under a microscope :p but i know you get the point). Staying with Westone and going with the ES5 is the safe route, I guess, but there may better/less expensive options if you’re not looking to stay particularly close to the W4’s sound. Beats Audio is enabled by default. Beats Audio is an enhanced audio controller that provides a deep, controlled bass while maintaining a clear sound. Cheers. Do you think I can get better end to end extension with other IEMs in the $200-$300 price range or does the 4R excel on that aspect too? Will you be posting full XBA-H3 review? -Westone um pro 30 (the umx3 with minor improvements) The UM3X, W3, and W2 are all top-tier earphones as far as I am concerned but they are not perfect. I’d normally recommend the SE535 for this due to it being a bit more midrange-focused and generally very smooth and refined. LOL, yea I know and I’m really loving them so far. With the competition having grown very steep since W4R’s release, do you think this still keeps up at this price range or would you recommend other alternatives for this type of sound signature? The Westone 4 shells are too big but they sound great. Sign Up. Before the release of w4, I was also a huge fan of the w3. By continuing to use our site you are agreeing to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Portable Headphone Ranking List by ljokerl, Ranking the Stars – flinkenick’s 2017 Flagship IEM Shootout, 2016 IEM Buyer’s Guide by Sound Signature, DIY Self-impressions for Custom In-Ear Monitors, Introduction to Bluetooth Audio Technology, https://theheadphonelist.com/headphone_review/ultimate-ears-ue-900/. Thank you so much for the info and recommendations. Current Price: The 4 has been replaced by the W40 and available for $499 from amazon.com Sound (9.3/10) – As the first quad-driver universal-fit IEM, the Westone 4 brings with it an undeniably high level of expectations when it comes to sound quality, especially considering Westone’s expertise in portable audio. I find the ue900s bass to be lifeless and boring.. Im torn between the 4r And 535. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. So I always loved my previous Shure and their sound signature, but I wanted to try something new. The presentation of the W4 may just be the most impressive aspect of its sound. The thing I like about the w4 is its smooth sound overall plus clear details without hurting my ears like the ER4 or the Shure (excluding the 215). After thinking over long and hard, I think I will go all in with the Earsonics velvet. Greetings oh great and all powerful joker. The only thing I am concerned is the quantity of the bass. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Specs: Driver: Quad BA | Imp: 31Ω | Sens: 118 dB | Freq: 10-18k Hz | Cable: 4.2’ L-plug With those requirements probably not. I commend your bravery in taking on such a drastically different sound . Likewise, the soundstage is quite good with the H3, so you won’t get an upgrade in that regard. I like hard-hitting subbass but not too much midbass. Both. It’s good if you just want a warmer, less analytical sort of sound compared to your UE900. Hi joker, have you had an opportunity to hear the W40 and if so how is the sound/signature compare to the 4/4r? Also, I could get a used 4R for $250, is that a good buy? Deal Alert: Darkvoice 336SE Tube Headphone Amp Hits Lowest Price Ever! If you really want to be on the safe side in terms of treble, then the Westone ES5/ES50 is the way to go. I’ll probably look for something else. Not sure when I’ll find the time to do a full XBA-H3 review but I consider it to be around the general performance level of the other high-end hybrids (e.g. It is not as hot and exciting as that of the W3, nor is it as dull and lazy as that of the UM3X. Thanks! Some other good options – the new Audiofly AF180 or even the Ortofon e-Q5 if you want to give up the ergonomic form factor but also save a few bucks. Westone 4 In Ear user reviews : 0 out of 5 - 0 reviews - audioreview.com

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